Young Love

            Wedding Season is upon us again.    

            It’s a great time of life but it comes with many financial challenges. Some thoughts:

            1. Marriage is the world’s best anti poverty program. Two really can live better, if not cheaper, than one.

            2. Don’t skip the marriage vow. It honors God, honors your spouse, cements  your commitment, saves you taxes, and makes you eligible for your spouse’s medical and other benefits.  

            3. You will make over $1,000,000 each during your lifetime. If you start saving ten percent now you can earn enough to retire with the same income in about 40 years.

            4. Homeownership will provide you with about half of your minimum  retirement needs. Start now, when interest rates are at historical lows.

            5. Learn to live beneath your means. It’s no good to have an expensive sports car if you can’t afford the gasoline.

            6. Don’t miss a blessing  by waiting  to have children until you can afford it. You never will afford them, but somehow people find a way to get by anyway.

            7. You can safely use debt for affordable  cars and houses. That’s because, even with the debt, you’re better off with a car and a home.

            8. Avoid consumer credit. Use a debit card instead and save the interest, or just pay cash.

            9. You are  in a race to build your life, not repay your debt. Our role model, Abe Lincoln, got married, had children, and bought a home while he was still in debt.

            10. Financial problems end many marriages. You can get new things easier then you can get a new family, so stay united and forgive each other.

            11. If you have children, find work you can do at home. You can have the same net income with lower gross income because  of the savings you’ll receive in taxes, child care, gasoline, eating out, and clothes.

            12. Life is uncertain. Have a will and get $500,000 of cheap term life insurance if you want to be fondly remembered.

            13. Yes, you should have health insurance with maternity coverage. Get the highest deductible you can afford to pay out of pocket to minimize your costs.

            14. Try to live on a budget, but leave a little room for frivolity. If you’re not having fun you’re not doing it right.   


            God made us male and female because He is in favor of romance. Don’t let financial fears steal the greatest blessings in life.


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