The Power of Giving

They say that Christmas is the Season for giving, but smart people give the whole year around.

Giving is actually one of the keys to financial freedom. Givers are quickly identified in the marketplace as those who go over and above the minimum needs of the job. They are cheerful and hard working, and because of their giving attitude people enjoy working with them. They are first in line for promotion because they are already operating at a level above their pay grade. Givers gets ahead.

Giving is also one of the secrets of a successful life. And everyone has something to give. If you have no money you can give your time, helping deliver food to the hungry, visiting the sick and lonely, repairing homes for the elderly, painting your Church, or mentoring a child. Clean out your closets and give your unused things to the needy. Even if you have nothing to give but a smile, you can make a difference in someone’s life. Remember that the more you give, the richer your life will be.

The universe seems to be wired to reward givers. Perhaps that is why God instituted the tithe, to let His children in on the benefits of giving. Besides, God loves cheerful givers (See 2 Corinthians 9:6-8)

Which brings us back to Christmas, when we celebrate the greatest gift of all: God’s gift of Jesus.

So find something you can give this Christmas, and keep it up into the New Year.

Give and experience the joy of Christmas.      

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