Mom’s Recipe for Financial Freedom

This Sunday we celebrate our mothers and all of the wisdom they tried to impart to us.

Now that we’re grown up perhaps we can use some of that wisdom in our fight for financial freedom. Some things to remember:

1.       “Take out the Trash” –Mom’s subtle way of telling you that nothing good happens without hard work.

2.       “Share with Your Sister” –Giving produces good returns at home, at work, and throughout life.


3.       “Do your Homework” – Knowledge and skill make you more marketable and valuable.


4.       “Your eyes are too big for your stomach” –Don’t go after more stuff than you can afford.


5.       “Clean your Room”- Manage what you own so you can get more.


6.       “Children are starving in China” – Be grateful for what you have and always eat the food your Mom gives you.


7.       “No” – Some things you want may not be good for you.


8.       “Wait till your Father gets home” – When you get in trouble be humble and try to settle the problem at the lowest level possible.


9.       “You can do it Son” –A little encouragement goes a long way. Have faith.


10.   “Get dressed for Church”- don’t forget to give thanks to the Lord.



Thanks Mom


We’ll try to do better.      

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