Looking Forward to a New Year


It’s that time of year again. When people take stock of their lives and list their bad habits. Then make resolutions which they don’t keep.


               But the truth is, you can make real changes in your life. You can do it at any time, but New Year’s is as good a time as any.


               The first step in taking control of your life is to move beyond the past. Yes, we all have made mistakes and hurt ourselves and others. And we’ve all been hurt by things others have done or said. You can wallow in denial, guilt, and frustration if you want, but you can get free of it if you will simply admit your mistakes and forgive those who have hurt you.  You must also forgive yourself and accept the forgiveness which is offered by God. Learn from the past but put it behind you.


               With the wreckage of the past cleared away, you can lay the foundation for your future. You need to set your own priorities in life, not those of others like politicians, marketers, and credit card companies who have a different agenda for you. In the financial area you must be the one to set spending priorities. We believe that you should sow seeds of success by being a giver, providing for your family’s needs, saving for your family’s future, and then using the remaining part of your cash flow to pay your lenders. Our System of Debt Relief, available at, is intended to guide you through this process and into financial freedom.


               Your future does not have to be controlled by your past.


               What better time than the New Year to leave the past behind and begin to lay the foundation for your future?

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