Lending a Helping Hand

  Have you ever thought that you may have the keys to help someone else escape from financial bondage?

  Yes, you can turn your own struggle for debt relief into a helping hand for someone in need.


                The most important thing you have is empathy, having suffered from your own financial troubles. You know that struggling people do not need an extra dose of condemnation on top of the load they already carry. Instead, they need to fess up to their problems, repent, and accept forgiveness for their failures. It works with God and it works with people. So help them clear away the wreckage of the past and start to build their lives again.


                The next important skill you have is the experience to know that there will be down days on the road to freedom. You seldom win every battle. But you also know that perseverance pays off, so when they fall you can encourage them to get back up and get the fight. Sometimes just having a friend to encourage you and talk you through your fears makes all the difference.


                You do not have to be an expert in law, accounting, or finance to help someone deal with a debt crisis. That is why we developed The System of Debt Relief, which is available on our website. However, we have found that it is very helpful for a person struggling to establish a debt relief plan to have a sympathetic friend to bounce ideas off of. You will find that once you develop your own debt relief plan it is much easier to help someone else develop theirs. They have to make the tough decisions, but you can help the medicine go down.


                Speaking of medicine, a little comradery and laughter will give them strength to work through the trials. Yes, you can find humor in financial catastrophe, and some even derive pleasure in turning the tables on their creditors as they take back control of their lives. The Devil hates being laughed at more than anything.


                There are few things in this life that bring more satisfaction than helping another person through a crisis. Isn’t that why those old Lone Ranger shows are still popular?


                So get yourself a supply of silver bullets and be watching for someone you can help.       

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