Income Inequality and Prosperity

            The Big Government people say that the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer. They want the Government to do something when, in fact the Government is the cause of the problem.


            It is true the spread between the richest and poorest Americans has been widening. The Government has been printing money to support its out of control spending, driving up value of assets like stock and real estate. Naturally, the rich folks who own most of the assets have been the greatest beneficiaries of the policy. However, we should not forget that ordinary folks own stocks in their IRA’s and most own homes whose values have also been increased. So the rich are getting richer, but so are many others.


            It is also true that we witnessed a decrease of about 10% in family incomes during the Obama years. The main culprit here is unemployment and underemployment, which remained high because of Government policies of higher business taxes, anti business regulation, and the Obamacare disaster. Families have had some relief from lower energy costs, despite government efforts to drive prices up, but higher medical insurance costs from Obamacare are squeezing family finances from the other side. Thankfully, we are seeing a restoration of family income thanks to a reversal of the anti-growth Obama policies.  


            The truth is that most people climb out of the lower economic rungs during their lifetime. They escape from poverty by the time tested methods of hard work, giving education, saving, and managing their money. That which is criticized as “Income Inequality” is actually the effect of opportunity and hard work. “Income Inequality” is part of the American             dream.


            History teaches us that government policies aimed at “Income Inequality” are very damaging to the opportunity needed to escape from poverty. The minimum wage keeps large numbers of young people, particularly minorities, out of the workforce. Socialist policies in Europe produce college graduates but no jobs. Compare East and West Berlin in the Cold War days, Venezuela of 20 years ago with today, or North and South Korea today, and you can see how the drive against “Income Inequality” is the greatest creator of poverty in the world.  Everyone becomes equally poor, except, of course, for the politicians. There is a reason that “Do not envy” Is one of the top Ten Commandments.


            We advise folks not to wait on the Government to escape poverty. Use their programs if they help, but add your own hard work, giving, education, saving, and money management. Establish a Debt Relief Plan to get free of debt.


            Move up the ladder and put “Income Inequality” to work for you.


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