George Washington’s Secrets for Winning Your War of Independence


              With the President’s Day holiday coming up on February 20, we thought it would be a good time to apply some wisdom from our greatest President, George Washington, to your financial war of independence.

              Like you, George Washington faced a much stronger and richer opponent as he struggled to gain freedom from oppression. Like your oppressors, his enemies were determined to fight against his efforts to gain freedom. Against the odds, Washington won and achieved his destiny, and so can you.

              The first lesson Washington teaches us is that you don’t have to win every battle, you just have to survive to fight again. His army was defeated again and again by superior enemy forces, as his volunteers fought the best professionals in the world. The Americans lost their largest city and their capitol, like many of us who have lost jobs and homes. Yet Washington was able to preserve his fighting ability by not sacrificing all in a hopeless battle. He survived his losses and was able to overcome his adversary at an opportune moment. And so can you.

              A second lesson for us is the wisdom of reaching out for help when you need it. To fight the most powerful nation on earth, Washington sought a powerful ally, the French, who helped him inflict a final defeat on his enemy at Yorktown. You, too, should look for allies in your war of independence. Allies like attorneys, accountants, and counselors who can help you get free. Like Washington, you can win your freedom with a little help from your friends.

              Finally, Washington teaches us to consolidate our victory. Even after winning the war of independence, he knew that there were forces just waiting for the opportunity to destroy his hard won freedom. Washington finished the job of securing freedom by helping establish a new government which could not enter into the oppressive practices which had caused the war of independence. Similarly, you can govern yourself to stay free by avoiding bad financial practices like living on credit, which put you into bondage in the first place. Like Washington, you can achieve a destiny of success and freedom by keeping the independence you have won.

              So learn from the father of our country and you can become the father of yours.

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