Financial Freedom Lessons from Dr. King

              On January 15 the country will celebrate the life of Dr. Martin Luther King, an Emancipator who, like Abraham Lincoln, became a martyr to freedom. And, like Abraham Lincoln, Dr. King’s life had many lessons for those looking to achieve financial freedom.

              The first thing we can learn is that freedom is worth a sacrifice. Dr. King was reviled, threatened, and attacked by the oppressive system he fought. Similarly, the system you must fight for financial freedom, the Money System, can revile, threaten, and attack you, trying to control you through fear. You may have to sacrifice your credit rating and some of your possessions. Overcome your fear, preparing for sacrifice, and you can overcome the system as Dr. King did.

              The second thing Dr. King teaches us is that you do not need to sacrifice your values to overcome the system. Dr. King, a Christian pastor, used his Christian values to develop the nonviolent strategy which overthrew the discriminatory Jim Crow system. You must be resolute to gain financial freedom, but you must also do the right thing to succeed in life. Our System of Debt Relief is based on Christian principles, so you can use your values to overcome the system. 

              Thirdly, Dr. King teaches us the value of endurance, as it took many years for his goal of legal equality to become law. Similarly, financial freedom is a long term project. It may take several years to escape from oppressive debts or rebuild your financial life after a catastrophic loss. And saving, the key to financial freedom, should be a lifelong habit. If you are determined, you can outlast the system to achieve freedom as Dr. King did.

              Finally, and most important, is faith. If Dr. King could overcome centuries of oppression by his faith, you can overcome your financial oppression. Faith gives you the power to make the sacrifices, hold to your values, and endure during the difficult times. And faith will be rewarded by victory.

              Yes, you can be financially free.

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