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The roots of the Emancipation Network go back to the Savings and Loan Crisis of the late 1980’s.

In those days there was a collapse in real estate values followed by the failure of the Savings and Loan industry and many banks. Businesses, real estate developers, and investors were suddenly cut off from funding and many were forced out of business. Victims of the crisis were left owing large debts with little or no income.

We brought together a group of crisis veterans and began to reach out to those in financial distress by holding a series of seminars designed to offer help and hope. From the seminars we found individuals needing more specific assistance and held a series of workshops to help them with a Debt Relief Plan. The System of Debt Relief was developed based on our experience with the seminars and workshops.

Since that time we have used the System of Debt Relief to help over a thousand individuals on a pro bono basis. We also used the same principles to help clients work through over a billion dollars in problem debts.

By the time that the housing crisis of 2008 arrived, it appeared that there was help available to borrowers caught in the collapse. Lenders, with some hope of government loan renegotiation assistance, were to be more cooperative and flexible. In addition, a new industry of debt settlement companies arose with the promise of helping individuals escape from problem debt. We hoped that these developments would provide meaningful debt relief to millions caught in the trap, but we were wrong. The government failed and the lenders have done little. The debt settlement industry has a poor debt settlement record and has been tainted with scandal.

Once again the victims of the crisis have been thrown under the bus.

So, in 2012, we have revived the Emancipation Network and updated the System of Debt Relief, using the Internet to reach as many as we can. We will use social networking as we did our workshops to allow people to help and encourage each other. With these modern tools we hope to touch many more lives than we did in the last crisis.

Times change, but our mission remains the same:

We want to help people get free from financial bondage and build a successful life on the foundations of faith, family, and financial freedom.