Disarming the Money System

            Everyone seeking to escape Debt Bondage must overcome the Money System to achieve true financial freedom.


            We define the Money System as a system of beliefs, actions, institutions, customs, and attitudes built around the power of Money. It is the Spirit of Money. The purpose to which the power of Money is directed is the taking of the productive efforts of Borrowers through interest and other charges. Money is used to control the efforts of Borrowers to turn them, as King Solomon put it, into slaves for the lenders. And the main weapon in the arsenal of Money is fear. 


            The first step toward overcoming the Money System is to gain an understanding of the main battle ground: the legal system. Most borrowers fear lawsuits and Collectors. But most borrowers have little or no assets which can be taken other than mortgaged houses and autos. You should keep your home and autos if you can afford them, but other creditors can do little damage to most people. You have the power to choose what to pay, and that fact puts the power back in your corner. Don’t let the Collectors scare you into something which you can’t afford.


            Collectors who realize that you know the score and cannot be threatened into making unaffordable payments will next try to shame you into paying too much. You should always strive to do the right thing, but your most important duty is to your family, not your creditors. Nor is it a sin to seek Debt Relief, as Borrowers are advised to negotiate lesser payments in the Bible (See Proverbs 6:1-5). The Bible even provides for full debt forgiveness every 7 years (See Deuteronomy 15:1-18), forming the basis of our bankruptcy laws. Don’t let your Creditors knock you off the moral higher ground.


            Finally, the Collectors will threaten ruin your credit rating. In fact, if you cannot pay your debts, your credit rating will be ruined anyway. However, people with bad credit buy houses and cars every day, and bad credit can be healed as your finances recover. The real choice you have is to be frightened into giving Collectors all of your money and still having bad credit, or keeping your money for your family and surviving bad credit. Learn to live on a cash basis, and don’t let them strip your cash on the false promise of better credit.


            You can live in financial freedom if you break the power of the Money System through knowledge, doing the right thing, and keeping your cash to live on a cash basis.


            As President Franklin Roosevelt famously said, “We have nothing to fear but fear itself.”

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