Learning From Disaster

                This week on November 11 we will honor our Veterans. May God bless them all.


                But November 11 also marks the anniversary of the end of the first World War, one of the worst disasters in Human History.


                So what can you learn about your finances from this disaster?

Obamacare Meltdown

Critics of Obamacare have warned us for years that it was not sustainable. Now, with rates rising over 25% next year, and over 100% in some places, even some of the politicians who forced this monstrosity on us are saying that it needs to be fixed.
Costs are spiraling out of control because of expensive government mandates. For example, a 60 year old woman must pay for maternity coverage.

Single Parents


            The number of single parents has grown dramatically over the last thirty years


            Unfortunately, it’s still the most difficult job in the world.


Some Tips


            1. For those who are under 21 and did not graduate from High School, single        parenthood is the highway to…

Bankruptcy Season

During this time of the year we join with our Jewish friends to celebrate their fall feasts. It was on Yom Kipper (The Day of Atonement) in the Jubilee Year that the trumpets blew, debts were forgiven, and slaves were set free. Our Bankruptcy laws trace back to the Biblical requirement that Hebrew lenders forgive borrowers every 7 years (See Deuteronomy 15:1-8). Since God invented bankruptcy,…

Build Your Life First


            A while back saw a newspaper column by a prominent financial writer advising someone not to use his retirement savings to buy a home, but to wait until he had paid off his other debts.


            We couldn’t disagree more.


            We do agree that paying off debt is an important goal. It is just not the only goal. What…

Dumping on the Millennials

            We live in a time when the older generations have reversed their historic role of supporting the young, and instead have dumped financial obligations on them.


            Baby Boomers receive net benefits of $300,000 from Social Security and Medicare, while Millennials are expected to lose over $400,000 if inflation does not destroy these programs…

The 9/11 Prophecy

As the nation prepares to remember the 15th anniversary of the terrorist attack of September 11, 2001, we want to share a prophecy given in 1998 which warned us of the catastrophe.

In the summer of 1998 a well-known prophet, Chuck Pierce, warned the Church to cleanse itself during a 40 day period corresponding to the Hebrew repentance season of Teshuvah, which ran from August 22, 1998 to…

Working to Stay Healthy


            We’ve observed in the past that many people will need to work in their “Retirement” years (see our blog of 3/3/16 “Work and Retirement”). Now more and more evidence is piling up that working into your retirement years can actually lead to a longer life.


            Scientific researchers have found that people who work in their golden…

Problem Credit Card Management

            Credit card debt levels have begun to climb again after a long decline, and credit card debt remains a major problem for many people.


            Here are a few ideas to help you manage problem credit card debt:


            1. Wean yourself off of credit cards by using debit cards. After in initial pop, your…

Summer Joblessness

            Recent data shows a precipitous drop in summer employment of teens age 16-19. In 2000 about 52% had jobs. Now it is only about 32%. The minority communities are hardest hit with only 9% of low income Blacks a 15% of low income Hispanics having work.


            Traditionally, summer work prepares teens to enter the adult work…