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The Emancipation Network is a non-profit organization designed to help people get free from financial bondage and build a successful life on the foundations of faith, family, and financial freedom.

Our roots go back to the Savings and Loan Crisis of the late 1980’s, when we brought together a group of crisis veterans and began to reach out individually to those in financial distress. Sinc…

Debt Relief News September 10th

Debt Relief News:
Emancipation Network
Bankruptcies Continue at High Levels

Bankruptcy filings for the first half of 2012, while dropping 14% from 2011, remain at over twice the prerecession levels of 2006. Personal Bankruptcies total 600,895 for the first half of 2012, over 4,800 per business day.

Many people do not know that Bankruptcy has its roots in the Bible and the U.S.

Debt Relief News

Consumer Credit Nears Record Levels

The Federal Reserve released its consumer credit report for June showing consumer credit increasing to $2.58 trillion. This is nearing the record highs seen in 2008 just before the crash. The report shows a cut back on credit cards and an increase in student loans.

The cut back in credit card debt was seen by economists as a sign of the troubled economy,…