Financial Freedom Lessons from Dr. King

On January 21 the country will celebrate the life of Dr. Martin Luther King, an Emancipator who, like Abraham Lincoln, became a martyr to freedom. And, like Abraham Lincoln, Dr. King’s life had many lessons for those looking to achieve financial freedom.
The first thing we can learn is that freedom is worth a sacrifice. Dr. King was reviled, threatened, and attacked by the oppressive system…

Over the Fiscal Cliff Again

The big news last week was that Congress had avoided the Fiscal Cliff tax increases for middle class Americans. Yet in the fine print and in our paychecks we find that the taxes of all working Americans have gone up anyway. So much for campaign promises.
The big news this week has been about the second Fiscal Cliff, when the government runs out of authority to spend and borrow money. Now t…



Today marks the 150th anniversary of the Emancipation Proclamation which started the ball rolling to free all Americans from slavery.

Our organization, the Emancipation Network, takes its name from the Emancipation Proclamation and we also strive to free Americans from slavery. Debt slavery.
The author of the Emancipation…

Looking Forward to a New Year

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December 26, 2012
Looking Forward to a New Year
It’s that time of year again. When people take stock of their lives and list their bad habits. Then make resolutions which they don’t keep.

               But the truth is, you can make real changes in your life. You can do it at any time, but New Year’s is as good a time as…

The Power of Giving

They say that Christmas is the Season for giving, but smart people give the whole year around.
Giving is actually one of the keys to financial freedom. Givers are quickly identified in the marketplace as those who go over and above the minimum needs of the job. They are cheerful and hard working, and because of their giving attitude people enjoy working with them. They are first in line for…

Red Christmas

Those of us who have experienced financial difficulties have had to learn how to enjoy the Christmas season even though our finances are in the red. A red Christmas.

Yes, it is hard to look past your own troubles, especially when everyone else seems to have plenty of money and a carefree existence. But Christmas is a good time to remember that there is more to life than money, and there is…

Student Lending Bubble Still Growing

The Federal Reserve Bank in New York reported that Student Loan debt rose by almost 5% to nearly one trillion dollars in the third quarter of 2012. At the same time, the 90 day delinquency rate on student loans rose from 8.9% to 11%, moving delinquent loans to more than 100 billion dollars.

In the past 10 years the balance of Student Loans as quadrupled and the default rate has nearly doubled.

Credit Card Debt Rising Again

Just three months ago the Federal Reserve reported that credit card debt had been cut back even though Student Loans were driving total consumer debt to near record levels.

Now new data for the third quarter of 2012 shows that credit card debt has gone up about 5% in third quarter in the prior year amount. Some analysts blame the increased debt level on seasonal factors such as back to schoo…

Wall Street Back in the Housing Business

Thats right. Wall Street, which wrecked the housing market by playing along with the
Government’s plan to put unqualified buyers into homes, is back in the housing business.

Warren Buffet, probably the smartest investor in America, has just made a huge investment in the residential market. Wall Street type investment funds are spending billions to buy foreclosed homes and then turn…

The Debt Collectors are Back

Now that the Elections are finally over and the annoying political calls have stopped, the Debt Collectors are back. Their target is the 30 million Americans who owe about $45 billion in problem debt.

Dealing with Debt Collectors is often an unpleasant experience, but you can sometimes turn them to your advantage (see our 10/29/12 Blog “Putting Time on Your Side”). The key is developing a…