Disarming the Money System

            Everyone seeking to escape Debt Bondage must overcome the Money System to achieve true financial freedom.


            We define the Money System as a system of beliefs, actions, institutions, customs, and attitudes built around the power of Money. The purpose to which the power of Money is directed is the taking of the productive efforts of Borrowers…

Honoring Our Defenders

            Next Monday, Memorial Day, the U.S. pauses to remember those who gave their all in our defense.


            Warfare is one of the oldest activities of mankind. Beginning with Nimrod in Babylon, rulers have used force of arms to subjugate their enemies and, often, their own people (See our Blog of 1/27/2016 “The Nimrod Spirit”). The great empires of…

Single Parents

Single Parents
The number of single parents has grown dramatically over the last thirty years
Unfortunately, it’s still the most difficult job in the world.
Some Tips
1. For those who are under 21 and did not graduate from High School, single parenthood is the highway to generational poverty. Take the exit marked “Education” and you can begin to turn your life around.
2. There ar…

Toxic Banking Conveniences

              We live in a time when technology has made banking much more convenient. But few people realize the risks that come with the convenience.
             Online banking is a good example. You can pay your bills from your living room. However, a hacker can pay his bills from Russia with your money. It is true that you might be able to recover your stolen funds…

Scamming the Poor

Every year we see a new crop of people who have been robbed by scammers preying on the poor.
            Most scammers target the rich because they have more money. These types of schemes often feature phony investments. Examples include non-existent oil wells, worthless companies, useless inventions, and underwater (literally) real estate. The biggest scam of all time was perpetuated…

Mom’s Recipe for Financial Freedom

This Sunday we celebrate our mothers and all of the wisdom they tried to impart us.
Now that we’re grown up perhaps we can use some of that wisdom in our fight for financial freedom. Some things to remember:

1.       “Take out the Trash” –Mom’s subtle way of telling you that nothing good happens without hard work.

2.       “Share with Your Sister” –Giving…

Financial Privacy

            Financial privacy is still in the news as governments worldwide target those who have the audacity to try to keep their business private (See our Blog of 4/13/16 “Panama Hat Trick”). We know the Government still wants to sift through all of your phone records and internet activity. The IRS will be examining your health along with your money. We also know that t…

Panama Hat Trick

                By now you will probably have heard about the trove of secret bank accounts from Panama which were hacked and made public.


                Governments celebrated and prepared to unleash their tax men, while the liberal press trumpeted another chance to shake down the rich. Little attention was paid to accounts held by government figures,…

National Panic Week

Tax filing time is upon us once again.
Millions of Americans are suddenly realizing that the dreaded April 15 deadline is next week. Its National Panic Week.

The Panic can be particularly acute for people struggling with debt burdens and unexpected tax liabilities. So lets review some tax wise ideas which we hope can help relieve the Panic:          

1) Don’t forget to mak…

Taxing the Wrong Stuff

Income tax is bad enough, but some folks end up paying tax on the wrong stuff. Don’t pay tax on income that is not taxable. Some Examples:

1. Employer provided Health Insurance is not taxable
2. Gifts and inheritances received are not subject to income tax.