College Financial Planning


With the resumption of college coming up its time for a few ideas about Finances.

1. Community colleges are cheaper and better than the first two years at a four year      school. Stay home and the only college experience you’ll miss is the student debt trap experience.


2. Avoid colleges which market their recreational facilities. You’ll be paying for them for…


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Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness

           The week as we celebrate another Independence Day we are reminded of the ringing declarations made by the Founding Fathers on July 4, 1776. They are the cornerstones of our national liberty and your financial War of Independence.
            The Founders declared that all men are created equal. In God’s eyes that is true and America has struggled ever since 1776…

Knowing You are Free

            June 19 is a special day in Texas. On that date in 1865 the slaves in Texas found out that the Civil War had ended and they were set free.

Abraham Lincoln had given the slaves legal freedom on January 1, 1863 in the Emancipation Proclamation. The war had ended in April when Robert E. Lee and other Southern generals had surrendered. Yet the slaves in Texas continued in…

Summertime Blues

            As Summer approaches people normally begin to think about vacations and travel. But for those on a tight budget vacation dreams often turn into the Summertime Blues.


If your idea is to take that dream trip around the world type of vacation, you’re probably going to be stuck with the blues. But for the rest of us there are many affordable options availab…

Life after Graduation

Another year, another class graduated.

It use to be that students looked forward with anticipation to graduation as the next step in their Journey of Life. Now many look toward graduation with dread because it means that payments must begin on their Student Loans. Those who are unemployed or underemployed graduate into loan default, but many with decent jobs are also finding that Student Loan…

Be Ready


A week of floods and tornados and hacks into the IRS database have reminded us that disasters, natural and manmade, are a part of life. With a little planning, you can be ready:


1. You can’t prepare for Armageddon. But you should be ready if the lights go out and the banks go down for a few weeks.


2. Credit cards may not work and banks may be closed in a…

Disarming the Money System


Everyone seeking to escape Debt Bondage must overcome the Money System to achieve true financial freedom.


We define the Money System as a system of beliefs, actions, institutions, customs, and attitudes built around the power of Money. The purpose to which the power of Money is directed is the taking of the productive efforts of Borrowers through interest and other…

Mom’s Recipe for Financial Freedom

This Sunday we celebrate our mothers and all of the wisdom they tried to impart us.

Now that we’re grown up perhaps we can use some of that wisdom in our fight for financial freedom. Some things to remember:

“Take out the Trash” –Mom’s subtle way of telling you that nothing good happens without hard work.
“Share with Your Sister” –Giving produces good returns at home,…

The Morning Star Laid Low

This week we will have one of the best opportunities of the year to view the planet Mercury.

Mercury is one of the “Seven Planets” which were visible to the ancients. The fourth day of the week, Wednesday, is named in English after the Norse god corresponding to Roman Mercury and Greek Hermes. The planet Mercury is symbolic of Satan in the Star Bible and is mentioned in a passage in t…