Escaping From the Internet


                We’ve all seen the movies where some evil government agency wants to get someone and so they cut off their access to credit cards.


                Before the identity theft explosion it was usually a bad credit report, not bad spies, causing the problem.


But now, thanks to hacks of Equifax and the U.S. Government, we hav…

Dumping on the Millennials

            We live in a time when the older generations have reversed their historic role of supporting the young, and instead have dumped financial obligations on them.


            Baby Boomers receive net benefits of $300,000 from Social Security and Medicare, while Millennials are expected to lose over $400,000 if inflation does not destroy these programs…

Bankruptcy Season

            During this time of the year we join with our Jewish friends to celebrate their fall feasts. It was on Yom Kipper (The Day of Atonement) in the Jubilee Year that the trumpets blew, debts were forgiven, and slaves were set free. Our Bankruptcy laws trace back to the Biblical requirement that Hebrew lenders forgive borrowers every 7 years (See Deuteronomy 15:1-8). Sinc…

Working to Stay Healthy


            We’ve observed in the past that many people will need to work in their “Retirement” years because of financial necessity. Now more and more evidence is piling up that working into your retirement years can actually lead to a longer life.


            Scientific researchers have found that people who work in their golden years actually liv…

The Value of Adversity

            Motivational writer Napoleon Hill did a study of the richest men in early 20th century America to see what caused them to succeed. He found that the only thing they had in common was overcoming a crushing adversity. James says we should “consider it pure joy” when we encounter trials, because adversity develops perseverance and maturity (James 1:2, 3).

Bit Coin Bubble

Last week we were amazed to hear that Bit Coins had reached the astronomical price of $4,800. 
Bitcoins are electronically created and stored information bits which are assigned an arbitrary value by the Bit Coin creators, a private business. Bit Coins can be “mined” by solving mathematical problems or purchased for real money. Those Bit Coins are touted as a new electronic currency, fr…

Be Ready

Hurricane Harvey has reminded us that disasters, natural and manmade, are a part of life. With a little planning, you can be ready:

1. You can’t prepare for Armageddon. But you should be ready if the lights go out and the banks go down for a few weeks.


2. Credit cards may not work and banks may be closed in a disaster. There is no substitute for green cash.


3. You’…

Disarming the Money System

            Everyone seeking to escape Debt Bondage must overcome the Money System to achieve true financial freedom.


            We define the Money System as a system of beliefs, actions, institutions, customs, and attitudes built around the power of Money. It is the Spirit of Money. The purpose to which the power of Money is directed is the taking of t…

Debt and Slavery

            This week is the sad anniversary of the introduction of slavery into the U.S. in 1619.


            Slavery, like its modern cousins socialism and communism, represents an extreme manifestation of the Spirit of Money, which we call the Money System, where all of a person’s labor is taken by the Money System. The slave trade was infamous for…

Gambling on Congress

Last week the Dow Jones Industrial Average set another record, closing above 22,000. The other major indexes, the SAP 500 in and the NASDAQ composite index, are also near their record highs. 
These record high stock prices are the result of the “Trump Rally” which began the day after the election. The Stock Market rose on the expectation that Trump’s promises to eliminate job killing…