Rendering unto Caesar

 February 3 is the Anniversary of the Income Tax. Originally sold to the public as a scheme to soak the rich (Where have we heard this before? See our 1/9/13 Blog “Over the Fiscal Cliff Again”), it soon became apparent that the rich alone could not support our expansive government. Now 144 million Income Tax returns are filed and Americans pay over a trillion dollars every year into t…

Tax Free Debt Forgiveness

              It’s that time of year again. Creditors who have forgiven debts are sending out IRS Form 1099’s for the amount of the debt forgiveness. And people are wondering if they are going to be taxed on their debt forgiveness.

              The answer for most people is No. The reason is that even the Congress and the IRS know that you can’t get blood out…

Financial Freedom Lessons from Dr. King

              On January 18 the country will celebrate the life of Dr. Martin Luther King, an Emancipator who, like Abraham Lincoln, became a martyr to freedom. And, like Abraham Lincoln, Dr. King’s life had many lessons for those looking to achieve financial freedom.

              The first thing we can learn is that freedom is worth a sacrifice. Dr. King was…

Avoiding Debt Traps

              The richest man who ever lived, King Solomon, famously warned that “the borrower is slave to the lender”.

              How true. But those of us who are not counted among the wealthy are nevertheless forced to deal with debt as we make our way through the modern world. Debt is not a sin, as the Bible gives instructions on how to have debt but…

Emancipation Day


            January 2 is Emancipation Day, marking the  anniversary of the Emancipation Proclamation which started the ball rolling to free all Americans from slavery.

            Our organization, the Emancipation Network, takes its name from the Emancipation Proclamation and we also strive to free Americans from slavery. Debt…

Market Warning

                This month the Federal Reserve is expected to really go through with its announced plan to begin raising the rate it charges banks to borrow money. If they do it may send shockwaves through the economy.

The biggest beneficiary of the zero interest policy of the Federal Reserve has been the Stock Market. Investors have driven stock prices up as they tried to get…

The Power of Giving

They say that Christmas is the Season for giving, but smart people give the whole year around.
Giving is actually one of the keys to financial freedom. Givers are quickly identified in the marketplace as those who go over and above the minimum needs of the job. They are cheerful and hard working, and because of their giving attitude people enjoy working with them. They are first in line for…

Thanksgiving Turkeys

            This year, more than ever, we will be immersed with Christmas shopping commercials as we join our families for the annual Thanksgiving Feast.


Don’t let these Turkeys turn you into the Christmas goose:


1. Don’t forget to be thankful at Thanksgiving. People who appreciate their blessings are more likely to get more.

2. Thanksgiving is not…

Social Security is no Substitute for Savings


We sometimes hear people say that they think they do not need to save because they have their Social Security benefits.  They should think again.


Suppose you worked for 40 years at an average of $3000 per month and then retired at age 66.  You would receive a benefit of about $1200 per month, or about 40% of your wages.


Now suppose instead that you worked for…

Learning From Disaster

                Next week on November 11 we will honor our Veterans. May God bless them all.


But November 11 also marks the anniversary of the end of the first World War, one of the worst disasters in Human History.


So what can you learn about your finances from this disaster? Plenty.


The first lesson is to count the cost. The European…