Labor Day Warning

 Next Monday, September 1, we celebrate a holiday set aside to honor working men and women, Labor Day.

The truth is, however, that our middle class of working people has been dishonored. The American Economic Engine seems to have gone into reverse, with middle class income dropping and labor participation rates falling. Sure, there were 2.4 million jobs created in the 3 years after…

Debt and Slavery

             This week is the sad anniversary of the introduction of slavery into the U.S. in 1619.
            Slavery, like its modern cousins socialism and communism, represents an extreme manifestation of the Money System where all of a person’s labor is taken by the Money System. The slave trade was infamous for kidnapping people through warfare or other violence.

Flying Solo

A pilot’s first solo flight is a big moment in his life. Your financial solo is a great moment in yours.

Some tips for the Journey.


1. You can be single without being solitary. Family, friends, co workers, and Church can  help you stay balanced financially and otherwise.

2. Don’t despise small beginnings. Most good jobs require a period of underpaid hard work as t…

Back to School Blues

 It seems like summer has only gotten started and yet it’s almost time to start another school year.
The beginning of school is a time of financial stress for many families. Kids need school supplies and larger clothes to keep up with their growth. Special activities like sports and band also require investment. Worse yet, the pitiful state of many public schools causes many parents to…

Problem Credit Card Management

        Credit card debt levels have continued their slow decline over the last several months, but credit card debt remains a major problem for many people.
            Here are a few ideas to help you manage problem credit card debt:

1. Wean yourself off of credit cards by using debit cards. After in initial pop, your  monthly overall cost will be about the same and…

College Financial Planning

With the resumption of college coming up its time for a few ideas about Finances.

1. Community colleges are cheaper and better than the first two years at a four year school. Stay home and the  only college experience you’ll miss is the student debt trap experience.


2. Avoid colleges which market their recreational facilities. You’ll be paying for them for the rest of your…

Payday Loans in the News

One of the Nation’s Largest Pay Day Lenders is in the news after being fined $10 million for predatory lending tactics.

Pay Day loans usually run from one paycheck to the next, with hefty fees added for each pay period when a loan is renewed. Lenders can change interest rates of over 500% per year. So if you borrow $100 and can’t repay for a year, you paid a total of $600 to t…

Summer Joblessness

Recent data shows a precipitous drop in summer employment of teens age 16-19. In 2000 about 52% had jobs. Now it is only about 32%. The minority communities are hardest hit with only 9% of low income Blacks a 15% of low income Hispanics having work.

Traditionally, summer work prepares teens to enter the adult work force and work their way up the career ladder. With a bad economy and minimum…

Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness

            The week as we celebrate another Independence Day we are reminded of the ringing declarations made by the Founding Fathers on July 4, 1776. They are the cornerstones of our national liberty and your financial War of Independence.

The Founders declared that all men are created equal. In God’s eyes that is true and America has struggled ever since 1776 to make that…

Working to Stay Healthy

We’ve observed in the past that many people will need to work in their “Retirement” years (see our blog of 4/2/14 “Work and Retirement”). Now more and more evidence is piling up that working into your retirement years can actually lead to a longer life.
Scientific researchers have found that people who work in their golden years actually live longer than those who don’t. They ar…