The Power of Giving

They say that Christmas is the Season for giving, but smart people give the whole year around.
Giving is actually one of the keys to financial freedom. Givers are quickly identified in the marketplace as those who go over and above the minimum needs of the job. They are cheerful and hard working, and because of their giving attitude people enjoy working with them. They are first in line for…

Thanksgiving Turkeys


This year, more than ever, we will be immersed with Christmas shopping commercials as we join our families for the annual Thanksgiving Feast.


Don’t let these Turkeys turn you into the Christmas goose:


1. Don’t forget to be thankful at Thanksgiving. People who appreciate their blessings are more likely to get more.

2. Thanksgiving is not about eating…


 Sometimes it is a good idea take some time off to smell the roses.


This is one of those times for us.


See you next…

Learning From Disaster

                Next week on November 11 we will honor our Veterans. May God bless them all.

But November 11 also marks the anniversary of the end of the first World War, one of the worst disasters in Human History.

So what can you learn about your finances from this disaster? Plenty.

The first lesson is to count the cost. The European powers didn’t, and they found…

Putting Time on Your Side


One of the key elements of a Debt Relief plan involves making time work for you instead of against you.


Most people are trained to think time is on the lender’s side. After all, interest continues to be added on, and debt collectors try to create a sense of urgency as if there were will be no second chance if you do not act now. Yet a person with a Debt Relief plan can…

Thinking About the Unthinkable

                If you want to be fondly remembered, you need to think about the unthinkable before it happens.

Life is uncertain, and your first duty is to your family. Here are some things you can do before the unthinkable happens.


If something happens to you, your family will need money to help replace your income. Most young families can easily afford…

Obamacare Reprieve is Over

               Another round of Obamacare disruption to your Health insurance is on the way.
                You may recall the uproar which happened last year when the President’s promise that you could keep your health plan was exposed as a lie. To avoid the outrage, many individual and employer plans were given a one year delay in the Obamacare complianc…

Be Ready

This winter is predicted to be one of the worst we’ve seen, while terrorists and deadly plagues seem to have been let loose in the land.
 Disasters, natural and man made, are a part of life. With a little planning, you can be ready:

1. You can’t prepare for Armageddon. But you should be ready if the lights go out and the banks go down for a few weeks.

2. Credit cards may not work and…

Single Parents

            The number of single parents has grown dramatically over the last thirty year
            Unfortunately, it’s still the most difficult job in the world.

Some Tips

1. For those who are under 21 and did not graduate from High School, single parenthood is the highway to generational poverty. Take the exit marked “Education” and you can begin…

Bankruptcy Life Line

            With the Federal Government and many states and cities drowning in debt, we thought this would be a good time to throw a life line to people drowning in debt.

So let’s talk about bankruptcy.

1. Our Bankruptcy laws trace back to the Biblical requirement that Hebrew lenders forgive borrowers every 7 years (See Deuteronomy 15:1-8). Since God invented  bankruptcy,…