Be Ready

Hurricane Harvey has reminded us that disasters, natural and manmade, are a part of life. With a little planning, you can be ready:


1. You can’t prepare for Armageddon. But you should be ready if the lights go out and the banks go down for a few weeks.


2. Credit cards may not work and banks may be closed in a disaster. There is no substitute for green cash.


3. You’ll need two to four weeks of emergency green cash. Save up a little at a time on your budget.


4. If the transportation and distribution system is in damaged, you won’t be able to get any food. You should have at least a two week supply.


5. Canned goods and bulk items like rice and beans can be bought and stored at a reasonable cost. Get food you like and will actually use.


6. Rotate food from your reserves into your diet. That way the cost is part of your grocery budget.


                7. Consider getting an inexpensive solar cooker. Eating cold food in the dark is no fun.


8. Public water can be contaminated or cut off in a disaster. Have a supply of bottled water on hand.


                9. Keep reserve supplies of things like soap and toilet paper. There is no reason to live                               through a crisis without civilized comforts.


10. Public order may break down in disaster. Get a firearm and learn how to use it to protect your family.


11. Check on disaster preparations in your Church and community. You’ll need someplace to send your starving neighbors.


12. Don’t overlook the option of leaving town. Keep your cars gassed up if you see trouble coming.


                13. When disaster strikes its too late to get ready. Be ready now.


14. A few sensible preparations can give you great peace of mind. Then live your life without fear.


A prudent man sees danger and takes refuge, but the simple keep going and suffer for it –Proverbs 22:3

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